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Welcome to Right Brain Money!

Financial planning from a professional fiduciary, made simple and personalized for you!


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We at Right Brain Money provide advice regarding the investment of client funds based on the individual needs of our clients. Through personal discussions in which goals and objectives are established based on a client's circumstances, we develop a Portfolio Summary. We then create and manage a portfolio based on that policy. During our data gathering process, we determine the client’s individual objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. As appropriate, we also review and discuss a client's prior investment history, as well as family composition and background.


The ultimate goal for Right Brain Money is to provide high quality financial solutions that best serve both the immediate and long-term needs of our clients. It is important to understand how all assets, income, liabilities, health, insurance, and income tax information fit together before making any recommendations specific to your situation. Life is interesting, and as such, good comprehensive financial planning can’t be a “one-and-done” activity. We start with a plan and then adjust to fit your needs.

Right Brain Money:

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